Look What I Found! 2


Find your perfect color here and get 50% off your first order

 How to do a reverse search and see if your photos are being used on another blog.

Wordmark.it  All you need to do is enter in the phrase you want to write and hit the “load fonts” button.  It will then show your phrase in every font you have loaded on your computer.  EVERY FONT.

An Antique Pattern Library that has some really awesome stuff for all needlework!

How to turn your Pinterest boards into PDF or JPEG image so that you can refer to them off line.  

Spice Jar Labels and Templates to print.  Lovely!

I’ve been using the Walmart Savings Catcher app since July and so far I’ve got $3.53 back in savings.  We probably spend $300 to $400 a month at Walmart on food, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, and odds and ends.

And finally:

 Get free prints for a year and more on the new Snapfish App!  It has to be a new email address to get the free prints for a year, but my daughter in law already got her free 100 prints for this month so it is worth it.

Apple  or Google




Look what I found!

A virtual makeup game at Mary Kay.

Great video makeup tips and how-to’s from top makeup artists from Lancome.

Skin Deep App from EWG. Tells you what is in your makeup and other personal items for you and your family.

Video how to do ANYTHING! And I mean EVERYTHING!

Tell this site what is in your fridge and it will give you recipes to make from what you have.

My Fitness Pal is a great app and website to use for losing weight. Everything you need.

Great Mental Health Terminology listing.

Okay … I admit it … I believe everything the man says: Dr. Oz site.

but when I’m serious about finding out what is wrong with me or someone else I go to WebMD. Don’t you?

and if you want natural health: Wellness Mama is a great place to start!

Having surgery? You must try this site first!

FreeGal Music lets you download FIVE of some of the latest music mp3s or music videos ABSOLUTELY FREE every week!