These are a few of my favorite things …

Some of my very favorite diy ideas I use all the time in my home and life:

1.)  700 plastic water bottles not throw away into the environment

2.)  Fresh smelling clothing every time I open a drawer

3.)  Plastic shopping bags reused as trash can bags in the bathroom and kept in an empty tissue box

Empty Tussue Box become a great plastic grocery bag holder for trash bags. 50+ bags in a large box

4.)  Fabreeze is still on my shopping list because I use it to help with my son’s allergy of dust mites but now I can spray my own version of air/fabric freshener with no conscious at all.  I think it is like 25 cents per bottle now!

5.)  Wonderful foaming hand soap for the bathroom!  I love the scent of this dish soap!


and for the kitchen:


6.)  My tub shower is spotless and smooth. This was so simple! Fill wand with half and half solution of Dawn and White Vinegar. Wet surface and scrub. Leave wand in shower so that you just scrub while you are in there! I’m unable to stand very long without pain and this has made a BIG difference in my life/ability to clean house.

Scowering the Shower

White Bathrooms

I have a white bathroom.  You can easily see why I chose white.  The bathroom is so small that any color in the room crowds and clutters it. The only problem I have with a white bathroom is yellowed wash and towels.  I just bought new bath towels so you can really tell the difference.

So back to Pinterest I went and I found this solution.  Now I could notice a difference.  Not yet perfect, but much better.  Vinegar makes all the difference, I guess!

I may have a small bathroom, but I really have a KICK *SS washing machine and dryer now!  We just got them the end of July and they sing like huge music boxes.  Cute.  I love the allergen setting!  My 12 yo son is allergic to dust mites and this is great!

One of my never seem to have time to get started on it projects is a rag rug for the bathroom.  I tore a worn out white sheet into pieces to hook onto a canvas.  I just have not had time to work on it yet.

Hook Rug 1Hook Rug 2

I did make time to make bath mats out of the old towels that started coming apart.  I folded them in two and then sewed three sides like a pillow case, folded it right side out and stitched the fourth side shut.  They are great!  Thick and holding up great in the washer.  Keeps my rug from getting wet at all after three showers (me, my husband, and my 12 yo son).