profile_pic (1)8-12-13

I am married with a 12 year old son with Autism, Dysgraphia, and Amblyopia. I have a grown son who is married with two awesome sons of his own. My only daughter has a wonderful husband and a great career. I’m disabled so I’m very interested in all of my illnesses as well as my youngest son’s conditions. But I want to be more … I want to see the beauty beyond the pain. The wonderful uniqueness of my son vs the things he cannot do like everyone else. I’m yearning to see the beauty in others as they are … and I’m testing the waters in Missouri trying to find beauty in my world.

I love to crochet, to make beaded jewelry, and other crafts.  I love to save money, who doesn’t???  I love being a mom to my youngest son especially and being a grandmother to my beautiful bright grandsons.  I love my cat … he’s really my baby and he knows it too!  I love to cook and bake.  I’d like to learn how to design cakes.  I’d like to learn to blog and maybe learn some web designing.  I love photography, though most of my knowledge has been with film and 5×7 format cameras.  I’d like to learn more about digital photography and photoshop.

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