Been Busy

I am not a morning person.  Hence my interest in frozen egg mc muffins, pancakes, and breakfast burritos that I am filling my freezer with.

I found 5 lbs of carrots in the clearance bin at the grocery store and bought them to blanch and freeze for cooking later and to add to freezer to crockpot meals.  I’m finding that I like doing this as long as I pace myself and don’t do too much in a day.  My new titanium knee is still just 3 months old now.  The other knee is in need of replacement and my back recently had 3 nerves severed so that I don’t feel the pain, but that is not really true.  I feel pain. But this time last year and the two years before I was in a wheelchair so this liberation to do things that I love is wonderful.

I’ve been baking mini banana breads (bananas were on sale for 39 cents last week) and pumpkin bread from two cans of last year’s pumpkin then freezing them to add to meals later.

And I’ve been covering all of my crochet hooks with DIY Polymer Clay Crochet Hook Handles.

I love the feel of them and I love that I can stand them up so I covered even the hooks that are fat enough for my arthritic fingers and hands.  They are so smooth and fit my hands perfectly.

I have not been able to grow flowers for 8 years now because of my back and knees, but I’ve been buying fake flowers at Michaels (once they hit the 75%) off mark for the past year and I’ve been making a fake flower garden in front of our tiny retirement home.  We bought it for cash and have no mortgage for our old age (I’m 56, but disabled due to the severe arthritis and allergic reaction to NSAIDS).  Suprised we were when 13 years ago I came up pregnant.  *laugh* Anyway, it isn’t much, but it is ours.  We gutted it and did all the work on it ourselves so it truly is our home.  The only thing we didn’t replace was the furnace and the siding.

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