Cheap and Easy Orange Chicken

I forgot to set out something for dinner, so I’m looking through what I have and find frozen chicken nuggets and frozen stir fry vegetables.  Hmmmm …. I put the chicken nuggets in the oven, as directed on the package, started stir frying the vegetables (with it’s own sauce) and began boiling water for instant rice.  I grabbed the orange marmalade and soy sauce out of the refrigerator, mixing 1/2 cup orange marmalade with 1 tbsp soy sauce.  I found a package of Knorr Asian Side Teriyaki Noodles in the cabnet with a similar recipe on the back of it ( geeze!  I thought I was an original!) and prepared the noodles as directed.  The recipe added white vinegar to the orange sauce so I added 2 tsp white vinegar to my orange marmalade mixture and it was much better!  I tossed the nuggets in a large bowl with the orange marmalade mixture and served it to my boys.  My husband thought it was great.  I thought it was pretty good too.  Ben ate his nuggets with no sauce and plain rice.  *sigh*.    All in all it was quick, easy, and cheap.

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